How to Set Up your Max2Play Image

What is Max2Play?

Max2Play is the easiest way to control your Raspberry Pi. The web interface is user friendly and helps to manage all your settings and addons. Without keyboard, mouse or display the Raspberry Pi can be controlled using only your web browser with Max2Play on your PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone. The screen automatically adapts to the device size and works with the applied web browser language. The many plugins and constant developments allow you to use a variety of additional features like Kodi, Jivelite, the Raspberry Pi Camera or the setup of a touch display and sound cards. Explore the possibilities of Max2Play today!

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Set up Max2Play


For Max2Play Customers with a Bundle

If you already own a Max2Play bundle from our shop, your image is already pre-configured and you don’t need to set your sound card preferences.

If you bought a case from our shop, please use our how-to instruction to easily assemble your case.

Access to Max2Play Premium Support

If you bought a Max2Play license code, you can connect this code with your email address in the forum. This will activate your premium support which means you will receive individual help and support for your questions.

Please use the following site: Connect Your License to your Account