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  • 11. Februar 2019 at 14:57 #44430

    Hi folks,

    I’ve just found this thread after checking out where Max2Play is at these days (I’ve not used it for a few months). I would very much like to see a VPN implementation. One of the reasons I’ve switched away from Max2Play is the lack of VPN support. OpenVPN support would seem a good first step. I have a subscription with PureVPN and their Kodi addon works flawlessly on the same Raspberry Pi B+ (using LibrELEC OS)on which I also ran M2P. Interestingly though, I’ve not had much success with PureVPN on my QNAP HS-251+ NAS. There, OpenVPN works better than other protocols (PureVPN can use several different protocols) but I haven’t been successful yet! Thought I’d share this, as implementation clearly needs careful research.
    Come to think of it – isn’t there a Kodi implementation for Max2Play? So presumably any VPN addons for Kodi would work with Kodi on M2P, so there is already a partial implementation on M2P and that should be a help in creating a native M2P VPN addon, shouldn’t it?

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    29. Januar 2017 at 17:36 #26389

    Thanks for the offer of help, Heiner. I’m back home now and keen to get on with the project. But I’ve watched the video several times and still find the process of building the plugin very challenging. I have no working knowledge of HTML, PHP etc. I was hoping to find more help on the website. For example, the Help side panel for the Pluginbuilder says: „Build your Plugin with Max2Play – Find HowTos in our developer corner.“ But I can’t find any HowTo apart from the video. And where exactly is your „developer corner“? I’m confused! [Edit: I’ve found it now, but only a little more info on the pluginbuilder there.] You have created a page for the Pluginbuilder in your wiki section, but there’s still no information in it! This would be a great place for someone like me to start. I need to better understand the relationship between the view file and the controller file, for example. I need to better understand which parts of each of these files will need to be edited with custom content, and which parts are the „frame“ that should not be altered. I do fully appreciate that all these things take time and that M2P is in constant development, with maybe not many users concerned about making plugins. But perhaps if there was more help available, more people might be tempted to have a go?

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    16. Januar 2017 at 17:24 #25973

    Hi Heiner,

    Thanks for getting back to me – „better late than never!“ as they say in England.
    Thanks too for the link. I had seen that post, but not acted on it because I don’t require the simultaneous streaming that nonchalant was setting up and also, as I said in my updated post, I have succeeded in recording to the line-in, and that didn’t require making any changes to my configuration files etc, just running the scripts supplied by Cirrus. What I’m after is a simple way of setting up and making recordings using the M2P web interface rather than the more convoluted ssh process. I have started working on creating a plugin, which looks a bit easier now you’ve released the „Plugin builder“, though still challenging for someone like me. Perhaps if I get stuck you’ll be able to help?

    5. Januar 2017 at 14:32 #25557


    Five months on and I’d hoped there might be some developments on this front. But having just updated to the latest m2p version there’s nothing new in this respect (though lots of other development – I’m not complaining!)

    After making that original post I managed to make a recording from the analogue input on the Cirrus card, using ssh and following the instructions on the Cirrus site, but it’s a clumsy way of doing things and it would be so nice to be able to have a simple „Record“ button in Max2Play!

    6. Juli 2016 at 12:54 #21254

    I’m pleased to report that output from the CirrusLogic card now works fine. I don’t know what the problem was last night – possibly an issue with BubbleUPnP or the NAS server, but this morning the sound came rich and sweet from both headphones and line out. Brilliant! Thanks for this software!

    5. Juli 2016 at 23:23 #21228

    Hi Heiner,
    Thanks for your advice. It turns out that the card wasn’t properly seated in its connector strip! Doh! I realised it must be something like that when I tried it again with the LibreELEC image and found it no longer working with that either. Once I got it properly connected again Max2Play recognised it and I was able to configure it successfully, as shown in the logs after each save and reboot.

    However – I’ve yet to hear any sound from it! I’ve enabled headphone and line out from the card and have headphones plugged into it. I’ve enabled DLNA and am using BubbleUPnP on my android tablet as a controller. BubbleUPnP sees Max2Play DLNA and accepts it as a renderer, but when I play a track from music in my NAS hosted library, there’s no sound in the headphones. It’s getting late now and I’ve only tried the once, so I’ll do some more reading in the forum and try again tomorrow before I post back.

    4. Juli 2016 at 17:41 #21164

    I’ve come to the forum for a solution to the same problem. I’m using the CirrusLogic card with v 2.26 of Max2Play on a Pi B+. I have not updated since installing the image. I’ve bought a licence and activated it, installed the advanced Raspberry settings and tried to configure the CirrusLogic soundcard. I have a screen attached and I noticed after saving the Cirrus card under Raspberry settings there’s the following in the log:

    [info] Loading kernel module snd-bcm2835.
    [ 13.974000] snd-rpi-wsp sound: ASoC: CODEC DAI wm5102-aif1 not registered
    [ 14.0164131] snd-rpi-wsp sound: Failed to register card: -517

    The second two lines then repeated.

    When I „Change Soundoutput for Wolfson Audiocard“ and choose „Playback to headset“, then save, I get:

    “ amixer: Control hw:sndrpiwsp open error: No such device

    …. {repeated 9 times}

    Updated Alsa Settings “

    Playing a sound file I hear it played through my screen speakers via hdmi, but nothing on my headphones plugged into the Cirrus card.

    I know the card is ok as I’ve had it working with HiassofT’s patch for LibreELEC. But I tried the Max2Play image as it promised straightforward functionality with the Cirrus Card, as well as more advanced options. But no such luck in my case.

    What next?

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