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  • 9. July 2016 at 16:29 #21400

    After some initial teething problems (largely of my own making) I have my Pi B+ working nicely with Max2Play outputting audio via the CirrusLogic card.

    But I bought the CirrusLogic card, despite the configuration difficulties others had encountered, because it has an onboard ADC in addition to its DAC, and I opted for Max2Play because it seemed to offer the best hope of fulfilling my objective of using the Pi/Cirrus card combo to create high quality digital recordings from my vinyl collection. However, after playing around for a bit and considerable searching and reading I’m still at a loss as where to even start!

    Has anyone with the Wolfson/Cirrus card made use of the ADC or used the line-in port on the card in any way?

    How does one access the settings for input to the card in Max2Play?

    Is there a recording function within Max2Play or does one need to download an addon (nothing seems available atm)?

    Is it possible to use the command line facility to do an “apt-get install” of a standard audio application, such as Audacity, and would this run with Max2Play?

    Answers to any of these questions would be much appreciated.

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