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    I encountered the same difficulties as Ralph to install the Shairtunes2 plugin. I had first installed the one you recommend in your interface (disaster123 version). It does not work (can’t be loaded). I tried to install the version of Philippe (fork). After activating it and restarting the server, it does not appear in the functional plugin and remains in the third-party plugin list not activated. In your answer to Ralph, you say there must be a conflict between the old version of disaster123 and the version of Philippe.
    So I would like to uninstall my current server to go back on a clean installation and redo the manipulation without having previously installed Shairtunes2 version disaster123. How can i uninstall the squeezebox server from Max2Play?

    Thank you

    10. August 2017 at 12:11 #30547

    Thank you for your answer.

    My version of Max2Play is 2.44. It seems that I have a problem with the internet connection.
    I can connect to the local network via the ethernet port and via the wi-fi but when i navigate on the Max2PLay homepage i have this message: „no internet connection available!“. However on the settings tab page, the health checker tells me „internet: connected“. I restart my box but nothing changes …

    Edit: I found on an old forum post the reason for my problem. I had created for other experimentation a wifi accesspoint that created a conflict with internet access. I uninstalled this wifi accesspoint and everything is back in order.

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