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  • 5. Dezember 2020 at 21:28 #50417

    Zusatzinfo: Der Name des Ordners wird ursprünglich in den Grundeinstellungen mit nachfolgenden MountPoints angelegt und sollte im UserMenu auch auswählbar sein. Da scheiterts aber.

    Betroffener Eintrag:

    "Name der Medienbibliothek
    Das ist der Name der Medienbibliothek im Squeezebox-Menü 'Eigene Medien'."
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    20. Februar 2020 at 23:22 #48048

    Is there any person with a clue?

    That problem still exist. even after setting up new image.
    Is a fixed image for rpi4 in progress by the m2p-team?

    30. Januar 2020 at 11:02 #47973

    So. Again in English:

    Hinweis zum Datenschutz bei GoogleJetzt ansehenIch möchte das später lesen

    The setup: Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB – without audio adapter, 64GB SD (Sandisk), internal Bluetooth (HCI0) offline – blocked by rfkill, USB-BT dongle (HCI1), USB stick 128GB (music database), no sound card

    Goal: Play my music content from the connected stick or via BubbleUPnP / Squeezer to another player / home theater AVR (Bluetooth) or other Bluetooth speakers. Everything only via Bluetooth. Jack and HDMI not used.

    After the initial setup, it was a bit complicated to set up Bluetooth as an interface and select it in the audio player. It was finally done manually via the console (sudo bluetoothctl -> pair MAC -> connect MAC -> trust MAC). Before I wanted to search for the Bluetooth speaker via the M2P interface, I first deactivated the internal Bluetooth interface and let the USB stick move up. A connect via the interface cannot be carried out.

    If I could connect the speaker manually, the Squeezelite server played music, but as soon as the RPi was restarted, no automatic connection to the known speaker. Trust 12: 34: 56: 78: bLA.BLA was previously run.

    Now the second problem arises at the back that the Squeezelite server is no longer startable / lubricated. Also unavailable after restart (localhost: 9000).

    Further edge information: The RPI also has the IO broker running, which should not pose a problem in my view, since it only uses ports 8081 to 8083.

    If I have to submit certain logs to the problem, please state where they are.

    Thank you very much

    20. Januar 2020 at 21:31 #47954

    Na wie geil ist das denn?

    Auch nach 3 Wochen kein Kommentar zum besagten Problem. Fehlen hier noch Angaben?

    Ist die Lizenz für Max2Play also rausgeschmissenes Geld?

    Für die Werbung, die damit gemacht wird, ist das alles ein wenig zu sehr „User-leg-selbst-Hand-an-Mentalität“.

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    4. Januar 2020 at 21:08 #47869

    Zusatz-Info: Squeezelite-Server ist die 7.9 Nightly installiert

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