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  • 15. März 2019 at 11:54 #44772

    thanks, it works perfect with the fresh image.

    15. März 2019 at 12:50 #44775

    Thanks for the update! 🙂

    14. Dezember 2019 at 14:35 #47774

    hi guys.i have installed this version:

    DEBUG Info

    #### LINUX-VERSION ####
    Distributor ID: Raspbian
    Description: Raspbian GNU/Linux 9.9 (stretch)
    Release: 9.9
    Codename: stretch

    but i cant install openhab. at the end of installation it refresh on the same page which i must play install openhab. why this problem?

    17. Dezember 2019 at 16:37 #47799

    Hi antonio,

    How did you end up with stretch 9.9? Our stretch image should be stretch 9.8.

    I tested the installer with a new stretch image updated to 2.51 and was able to access the OpenHAB’s web interface after the install.

    28. Oktober 2020 at 13:36 #49950

    Wow what I think. Super hard to set up if you can.

    It says „Install the Cloud Connector within OpenHAB PaperUI and use Client UUID and Secret (click ‚DEBUG Info‘ at bottom of this page to reveal) to connect with a myopenhab.org account“

    Got the PaperUI and installed the Cloud Connector but don’t see how to get config it anyway.

    click ‚DEBUG Info‘ I don’t see any „openHAB UUID“ or „openHAB Secret“ so you can register at myopenhub.org.

    Guess you need to make a YouTube video how to set this up.

    I thought it would let me say to Alexa play this song with max2play. Maybe it does if could get it set up right. Been trying for hours.

    Don’t see any place can log in to your Amazon account.

    Did find how to log in to Amazon account. It said something to add on to the URL of the end of the port number so I copied and paste that URL to the end of the port number. Then I could log in to my Amazon account.

    The debug at the very top has the login info you need.

    Need to make this easier. Have the login and Amazon account show up in the web interface I guess. Something like that.

    Now it does see my Amazon devices still have to find out how to use them if I can with this openHAB and max2play.

    -Raymond Day

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    28. Oktober 2020 at 14:39 #49961

    Don’t get how to add max2play to this if you can. Got a Echo Show it says green ONLINE now. I can edit it. List lots of sound things.


    Media Progress




    Things like that.

    If I click on player it says „Link channel“ Please select a profile: and Please select the item to link. Opens a big window there and just don’t get how to set that up.

    I think if you do make a YouTube video showing how to get this to work with Max2play could be good. If it can do that.

    -Raymond Day

    28. Oktober 2020 at 14:50 #49963

    It showed a player and no way to pick what to play so I just click the play button and my Amazon echo started to play the last thing I played on it.

    Is there a way to get it to play any of the songs on my server with Logitech Media server?

    -Raymond Day

    28. Oktober 2020 at 15:03 #49965

    Hi Raymond,

    Unfortunately we do not currently have the capacity to create a detailed openHAB tutorial. I can therefore only refer to the openHAB documentation: https://www.openhab.org/docs/ Apart from that we have already published a HowTo on the basics of openHAB: https://www.max2play.com/en/how-tos/howto-simple-squeezebox-server-automation-with-openhab-and-smartphone/ You will certainly find a lot of instructions on how to use Alexa with openHAB on the Internet. Perhaps our HowTo will help you to set up a connection to the Squeezebox Sever.

    Apart from that you could also use roomskills to control your music playback with Alexa: https://www.max2play.com/en/how-tos/howto-alexa-voice-control-with-roomskills/

    11. Februar 2021 at 10:36 #50785


    since openHAB 3.0 is out since december 2020: Are there any plans on offering it with max2play?


    12. Februar 2021 at 17:02 #50794

    Hi Detlev,

    Thank you for your suggestion. We have already received several questions about the update. We are currently checking whether we can support the new version and will contact everyone as soon as we have implemented the update.

    23. März 2021 at 0:40 #50965

    openhab3 would be great! thanks for your work!

    3. August 2022 at 9:51 #52346

    hello Mario,

    would you be able to give an update about upgrading to OpenHAB 3, please?

    I have just package-installed default-jdk on max2play (debian Buster – JDK 11) to complete the preconditions.. but before I go ahead, it would be great to find out about m2p planning.
    What are your thoughts or concerns about us trying to upgrade manually (I know I will loose OpenHAB 2 settings).


    4. August 2022 at 12:57 #52349

    Hi Gerhard,

    Thank you so much for reminding me, I totally forgot to let you know here in the forum:

    In fact, a few days ago we released a new Max2Play beta update that allows openHAB 3.3 to be installed via the openHAB plugin.
    This affects everyone who makes a new openHAB installation. Unfortunately, anyone who wants to update to the new version will still have to do so manually, as we cannot ensure that the settings from openHAB 2 will be retained when installing version 3.

    8. August 2022 at 16:00 #52354

    that’s good news, indeed!

    So I went on and installed the Beta (for Max2Play 2.57), purged everything openhab2 and installed openHAB 3.3.

    Everything working fine – thanks a lot.


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