Raspberry Pi with Touchscreen to Control your Squeezebox Server

Raspberry Pi with Touchscreen to Control your Squeezebox Server

Raspberry Pi with Display to Get a Squeezebox Touch Feeling

We have tested different setups with touch displays to get a Squeezebox Touch feeling together with an easy setup. With one of Max2Play’s main focuses being multiroom audio solutions, we were still lacking a nice, visual component to our system. This has now changed with our new touchscreen for Raspberry Pi and its plugin. Our idea was to find a simple and affordable way to control your Squeezebox system like Logitech’s Squeezebox Touch. It should be part of the living environment and thus not take up too much space and not look too technical. Everything is set up with the latest Max2Play version that can easily install and configure:

  • touch display (2,8″ with 320×240 px) with calibration
  • visualisation of squeezebox features (latest jivelite with skin addon for 320×240 display)
  • optional Squeezebox Server with Shairtunes2 addon for Airplay
  • Squeezelite as software player
  • Kodi as video player
  • lots of other applications, installable by web interface (Access Point, Samba Shares, WiFi, etc.)

Build It by Yourself Guide

  We have developed two Max2Play Extenstions that make the installation and setup simple and fast.

  • Jivelite installer for the visualization and control of the Squeezebox environment
  • RPi Display – a setup for the display

You can find all extensions in our extension section    

Download the Max2Play image for your Raspberry Pi from our download page.
Install the two required extensions: the Jivelite installer for the visualization and control of the Squeezebox environment, and RPi Display, a setup for the display.
Any extensions can be installed on your Raspberry Pi through the browser interface in the Settings/Reboot section.

3 Screen Showing How to Set Up the Display:

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  Jivelite just requires a click on „install Jivelite“, the fitting skin beneath so that the screen can fit Jivelite’s interface and a tick to automatically start in fullscreen mode. The RPi Display setup is even simpler, a click on the install-button and, after reboot, another click on that button. The software is now ready for the touchscreen to be integrated.  


  1. Alex 9 Jahren ago

    Hi there
    I’m just wondering if its possible to install this display on RaPi2 with Iqaudio DAC using cables, extension? Is any way to do it?
    I’ll be greateful for any tips…

    • Author
      Heiner 9 Jahren ago

      Hi Alex,

      thank you for your questions.

      The Raspberry Pi 2 works with an IQaudio DAC and this display, however we have not tested the configuration with this specific audio card yet. Nevertheless, we would appreciate if you tried it out.

  2. Jim 9 Jahren ago

    Trying to use the RPi extension with the Cirrus Wolfson audio card. Installing RPi seems to disable the card. Is there a way around this? I assume it is a Kernel change.

    • Author
      Heiner 9 Jahren ago

      Hi Jim,
      I assume by RPi you mean the Raspberry Settings-plugin? That usually does not happen with Wolfson Card. We have the right kernel for this card despite it not being supported by the newest kernel. This is why we have an option to update the kernel with a disclaimer that this will break support of the Wolfson card (last options in the Raspberry Settings-menu).
      In the Settings/Reboot-menu you can check your current kernel under debug info. It should NOT be:
      #### KERNEL ####
      Linux max2play 4.0.7-v7+ #1 SMP PREEMPT Sat Jul 11 20:44:05 CEST 2015 armv7l GNU/Linux
      Since this is the updated kernel that would disable your wolfson card.
      Here is a forum thread that discusses this issue. In it you have a version that output that it works with and a few pointers: http://www.max2play.com/forums/topic/wolfson-dac-and-pi-b-setup/

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