Max2Play for ODROID XU3 and ODROID XU4

Max2Play for ODROID XU3 and ODROID XU4

We now have an ready SD-Card or EMMC-Card image with Max2Play for the new ODROID XU4.

Based on Ubuntu 15.04 this image makes it easy to create your own Multiroom-Audio setup or make use of the other Max2Play-Addons. Like on the Raspberry PI you can easily set up a Squeezebox Server and Player and also have Airplay with Shairtunes. Have a look at our features page with all available addons: Max2Play features

The image can be downloaded on our Download-Page. After downloading, just point your browser to http://max2play to open the webinterface.

The ODROID XU4 is available for purchase in our online shop ODROID XU4 board. We also offer a bundle with the ODROID XU4, Raspberry Pi and all needed accessories.





  1. Raymond Day 9 Jahren ago

    Can the „Odroid-Show2“ 2.2 TFT LCD for the Odroid-XU4. be used for the Max2Play like the QVGATouch for the Raspberry Pi 2? They are both 320×240 LCD’s.

    • Heiner 9 Jahren ago

      Hi Raymond,
      Unfortunately, we do not have such a display to test it out ourselves. We are currently working on a Odroid Show implementation for the C1, however the Odroid-Show2 is not planned at the moment.

  2. Mike Neuliep 6 Jahren ago

    The current downloadable M2Play Ubuntu image for XU4 doesn’t boot the kernel. It hangs after „Freeing unused kernel memory“. The android image works fine so I know the hardware is ok, but I’m really a linux guy and would like experience the M2Play. I am using the EMMC card and socket as my primary boot device. Don’t think this matters but….who knows. Has anyone successfully booted the M2Play Ubuntu image for XU4 from the EMMC device? Thanks in advance and….Merry Christmas!

    • Heiner 6 Jahren ago

      Hi Mike,

      Which image did you use (2.22 or 2.34)? Please make sure to unpack the „.gz“ or „.zip“ file to „.img“ before burning. Also, please use an 8 GB or bigger card and resize your filesystem as the first step (under Settings/Reboot)

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