Max2Play HiFiBerry Image

The  sound cards of HiFiBerry are now fully compatible with Max2Play’s images!

We are very happy to announce the first Max2Play HiFiBerry Image.

HiFiBerry on Max2Play gives you the best experience of high-quality sound together with an easy configuration and control.
With the extensions of Max2Play you can easily choose and install new features!

This new image comes with lots of free features:

  • All HiFiBerry Cards work out-of-the-box! No further settings or changes needed to get everything up and running.
  • Tweak your audio-setup with advanced audio-settings like an Equalizer or optimization of audioplayer settings.
  • Install a Squeezebox Server with one click and get Airplay working on Squeezebox Players with the add-on Shairtunes2 on the Squeezebox Server Tab of our web interface.
  • Set up network-shares to access your music and videos from your local network.
  • Use Kodi as a media player to watch Online-Streams and HD-videos.
  • Install a DLNA-Server to stream your Music to other network devices.
  • Personalize this webinterface to fit your individual needs and install further addons in the Settings-tab.

For the first time we also added a quick-select option: You can now choose out of 3 options:

  • Starter: A simple audioplayer for internet radio and local music (mp3)
  • Advanced: A real multiroom audio player that integrates in a Squeezebox environment with powerful options for high-quality audio and a lot of features.
  • Simple Airplay: Apple Airplay Device, that plays music streamed from iPhone, iPad or Mac

More Information about the HifiBerry Plugin

Only one click is needed to install all of your Max2Play applications. And of course we still offer you all the freedom to install more addons and change the configuration to your needs. We are looking forward to your feedback!

Your Max2Play Team


  1. Tim 1 Jahr ago


    When I try to download I get a 404. Is the file still available?

    • MarioM 1 Jahr ago

      Hi Tim,

      this image is outdated. Please use the latest Buster image from our download page instead.

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