Squeezebox Server

The Squeezebox Server allows you to synchronize to a specific player on the network enabling the management of favourites, music lists, plugins and much more, on a network running the server. Optionally, this can be installed on a network storage device such as Synology DiskStation. Max2Play makes the the installation and download of updates of the latest Squeezebox Servers an easy task.

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Squeezebox Features

  • Installation and the retrieval of updates via the web interface of Max2Play simply requires a click
  • Control start, stop and set auto-start via Max2Play’s web interface
  • The Squeezebox Server provides a web interface to easily manage albums, playlists and plugins
  • Several APPs for mobile devices allow for easy control of the music player and the servers associated with it
  • The technology behind the Squeezebox has been developed over many years and continues to evolve
  • There are a variety of plugins available to use with services such as Spotify, Napster and youtube among others

Music Server

The latest available Logitech Squeezebox Server is version 7.9, it offers a vast range of functions and is up to scratch and on par with similar products. Initially however, it is important to take time learning about the functionality and applications of compatible mobile Apps.


Community: 100%
Functionality: 100%
Audio Quality: 100%
Multiroom Synchronization: 100%
Training Period: 60%

Large Community

Get your answers directly from the experts. Simply read through threads on various topics ranging from simple installation of server plugins right through to the high end technical questions. Whatever it is, you will find it in the Squeezebox forum.


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