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Projects are single board computer applications (e.g. for Raspberry Pi) that use Max2Play as their browser based navigation and as a framework. Thus, any application cases can be made available to new users: users that do not have extensive linux knowledge and cannot or will not work with console commands. Additionally, the high profile of Max2Play can open up new users to a project.

If there is any interest in an implementation of an existing mini-computer project in the Max2Play framework, we would welcome an exchange with you.

Current projects



SqueezePlug & Max2Play is a Multiroom Audio Solution with server and player components. Multiroom Audio Solution means, that you have one server and as much players as you like. Every player uses the shared music from the server. Players can be synced to play the same music, or they can play different music. A Mini-Computer can be a server, a player or a server and a player together. The files can resist on the Mini-Computer itself e.g. on an directly attached USB-HD or on an other location on your network. A Mini-Computer doesn’t make any noise, cause it don’t have any cooling components and consumes very little power.

Your project with Max2Play

New projects can be realised promptly. Together we discuss the first steps and help with the execution. We are happy to be approached for more information, just send us an email with our contact form.

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Your project and Max2Play

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