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  • 7. September 2015 at 0:04 #15631

    Hey there,
    I attached a new router with a different SSID. Only the raspis are Clients of this wifi. Performance has improved a lot, let’s wait for the next Party to check if performance issues still appear.

    Thanks in addition for the ShairTunes Link. I still have some trouble installing the plugin on my LMS. Never worked with SSH etc. before so it would be nice if I could get some Support from you.

    LMS tells me that the plugin can’t be installed / loaded.

    Via SSH (I tried using Putty) it’s not possible for me to execute all commands posted on github.
    The first line of code generates the answer: „apt-get: cannot be found“
    Second one can be executed succesfully
    Third one is „in Need of superuser privileges“

    So I don’t really know what to do. It would be really great to get some advice from you! Thanks in advance

    1. September 2015 at 16:41 #15561

    I found an Option to configure the stream Quality, I’m going to try several Things:

    1. Spotify Streaming with different Quality Settings (Low, Mid, High)
    2. Streaming from local data Shares

    I’ll Keep you in the Loop

    1. September 2015 at 16:36 #15560

    Is it only a plugin for „Squeezebox Server“ running in Max2Play? My LMS is running on a NAS System where I can’t find the plugin…?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)