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  • 26. Oktober 2017 at 22:16 #32133

    @Heiner, I’m not familiar with Squeezebox server. Installed it on the Pi3, opened an account and now I’m completely lost what to do where. Now the server is running on the Pi3. Where is the Logitech Media server interface running and what has all this to do with Roon?

    I’m afraid I’m drifting further away from what I intended to do. All this started with a Pi3 Roon ready image from HiFi Berry and an AMP 2 that is somehow not able to work with WiFi. Some people seem to manage it and others like me don’t. HiFi Berry pointed me to Max2Play as a possible solution, but this brings new complexities. I suggest we leave it here and I will try to sort this out with HiFi Berry.

    Thanks, wim

    24. Oktober 2017 at 18:08 #32076

    Hi Heiner,

    Squeezelite was selected in the Roon player. I’m also able to control the HDMI sound by means of the Roon player.

    Squeezelite is running in the Audioplayer. The volume sliders are indeed available in the Hifi Berry Amp 2 menu. I removed the autostart from Shairport and deactivated the Accespoint Autostart Mode. But still no sound coming from the Amp2…

    Would it be possible that my Pi3 has a different version number and is therefore behaving differently. I consider myself to be able to activate WiFi on the Roon ready HiFiBerry diskimage, but haven’t been able to. And now Max2Play also doesn’t function as predicted.

    Thx for looking into this.

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