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  • 8. Juni 2018 at 16:25 #36122

    I don’t seem my original post, so I will ask the question again.

    Does anyone have any experience with using Max2Play and the Schiit Eitr, USB to SPDIF converter?

    I am trying to make it work, but I only get static through the Eitr. I know the Eitr works correctly because it plays music when plugged into a Mac. I know the RPi3 works because I can play music through a different USB converter. It appears that the problem is communication between the RPi3 and the Eitr, although the Eitr „locks in“ as if it has a good signal.

    Thank you in advance.

    19. September 2016 at 15:03 #23098

    I have RPi with M2P working as a server/player and an old SB Touch on the network in another room. I am controlling both with iPeng.

    I am thinking about adding another RPi/M2P player only in my workshop, but I only use the workshop about 1 day per week. It seems like a waste of energy to keep the RPi running all the time in the workshop. Is there a way to safely shutdown the workshop RPi without having to turn on the computer and turn it off from the network webpage? I was wondering if a momentary switch on one of the GPIO of the RPi could be used to trigger the safe shutdown command?


    16. September 2016 at 21:22 #23073

    Hello Stefan,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I did the complete manual setup. Scan for network, select network, add password, tick load interface, save settings, shut down, disconnect ethernet cable, reboot. Using the manual setup, I always get the error as listed in the topic title above. That is, no IP, on connection.

    I was only able to make a connection by using the WPS approach.

    I also have confirmed the password with another device.


    16. September 2016 at 17:23 #23069

    A Big thank you to Simon. For others having this issue with RPi3, it looks like making a connection with WPS is the answer. Apparently, something is missing with the manual setup, at least for certain routers.

    For those of you with Apple Air Play routers (and who are at a low knowledge level like me), it is possible to set up a WPS connection by adding it as a WPS Printer. Note that Apple likes to hide things and you will need to look at Air Play help or Apple support in order to get to that option. It is normally not available.


    IF you haven’t already, I suggest that you open a new topic on your sound card/connection issue. I tried working within an existing thread, but had more success with a new topic.


    16. September 2016 at 14:48 #23068

    Hello Simon,

    That is correct. I have never been able to get an IP address for the RPi3. I agree that your issue is a little different.

    I am interested to hear that you can establish an IP using WPS. I have been manually setting up the wifi connection because the Apple router makes WPS difficult to impossible. Given that you have had success with WPS, I will dig in deeper and see if I can get the router to cooperate. Thank you for your help.


    15. September 2016 at 17:34 #23053

    Another failed experiment. I loaded a fresh image of 2.34 and did not update to 2.35. Same result, no IP address.

    One interesting thing I hadn’t noticed before. I am using Mac as a computer. In my Finder window, the previous and current names for the RPi3 are listed under shared devices, but I can’t connect to them. On the Airport Express router, it reports connections to all wifi devices in the house, but no RPi3. It seems that the error message is correct. The wifi adapter and connection are active, but there is no connection because there is no IP.


    15. September 2016 at 16:30 #23048


    Thanks for the reply. I am sure that both of your routers supported both WPA and WPA2 so the problem is deeper than that. The IPv6 issue seems to be on the M2P side. The download image is still 2.34. I will try a fresh load of 2.34 and not upgrade to 2.35. It will be interesting to see if I can get an IP address.


    15. September 2016 at 15:16 #23042

    A Little More Information

    Just for clarity. I have tried all of the suggestions in the FAQ and on the Forum relating to this problem. That includes using the reboot command and disconnecting the LAN cable during reboot. Also, using the shutdown command, disconnecting the LAN cable when powered down, then booting up. Each time, I use my computer to scan for the Pi wifi signal and no signal is available. Each time, I try to connect in the browser to the Pi computer name.

    This appears to be a long time problem and a problem over a large range of M2P releases. Is there a solution or a solution coming soon? I am anxious to make this work.


    12. September 2016 at 17:32 #22991

    Remove content and move to a new topic.

    11. September 2016 at 23:18 #22984

    Removing content and moving to a new topic.

    10. September 2016 at 22:39 #22979
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