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  • 20. Oktober 2017 at 13:37 #32021

    Hi Heiner,

    Yeah it is flagged as experimental but seems to working OK, currently v1.9.5.

    As an update, when I have had the Max2Play Spotify Connect extension on Auto start for the past week at least I have had no problems with it starting whether Activate WPS on Boot ticked or unticked, so I think from my point of view this thread is closed for now.

    Time for me to move on.



    20. Oktober 2017 at 13:09 #32020

    Thanks, yeah was rather a dumb question.

    Will try to get some proper testing done over next few days.

    19. Oktober 2017 at 19:35 #31997

    Hi Heiner,

    Will give it a go ! What’s best for Spotify Connect Output device, ALSA or HiFiBerry card ?

    19. Oktober 2017 at 14:22 #31993

    Cheers Heiner,

    Accepting that switching is still being worked on and other factors I will stop posting to this thread and have another look when the next release is available or is it worth looking at the beta at some point ? Do you have any schedule for the next release ?



    18. Oktober 2017 at 16:59 #31985

    Hi Heiner,

    Thanks for the info and more of your time.

    I just refreshed the Connect extension and did some testing regarding gapless which has become my major focus now that Spotty is providing Connect services. I don’t want to distract from the issue in this thread so would prefer to either start a new thread, post to you direct, or just let you get on with life, whichever you prefer.

    Thanks again


    17. Oktober 2017 at 15:48 #31943

    Thanks for your time Heiner.

    I am currently trying to get a Pi Zero providing just Spotify Connect and AirPlay for a friend. As I am now testing Max2Play using Spotify Connect via Spotty on the Squeezebox server having got that working, using ShareTunes for the AirPlay support, I will not be looking at the Spotify Connect service for a short while. The Spotty Connect via the server has a big advantage in that it plays gapless. This makes a huge difference to the listening experience and was another reason why I was beginning to wonder if I would need to look at the Yamaha WXAD-10 as a more expensive alternative. I was wanting to let my friend use the Spotify app to control rather than the interface to Spotty through a Squeezebox control app such as Squeeze Ctrl to preserve the user interface for him and keep things familiar and simple.

    Thanks again for now


    17. Oktober 2017 at 13:31 #31939

    I was as confused as some others about this Spotify Connect option in Spotty plugin, until now.

    I just reloaded Squeezebox server from scratch, using nightly build. Re-added Spotty plugin. Authorised through my phone.

    Go back in to server settings, Players page, set the pi as the player, drop down list from Basic settings for that player, Spotty Spotify for Sqeezebox is now an option in that dropdown menu. Take the option and tick the Spotify Connect (EXPRIMENTAL) option. Success !

    pi squeezelite player now appears as a Spotify Connect point from Spotify app. For single room is now a possible option.

    Testing now. Many thanks, will see how it goes.


    17. Oktober 2017 at 0:06 #31914

    Hmmmm, I’ve not been aware of the service falling over once running except as per my posting re if another device already has control of the sound card when you start to send from spotify (Spotify Connect service crashes if used when Squeezelite player not paused), but then I have not been using it heavily. Out of interest, and not wishing to interfere with the process of the guys here, does the Spotify Connect page say the service has stopped running when you say it stops working and if so does the DEBUG information on the Spotify Connect page tell you anything AFTER the service has crashed ?

    I have not been massively pushing the Auto Start testing but have had no failures since disabling Activate WPS on Boot on the WiFi/LAN page, even on a Pi 2 which has no wifi dongle attached.

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    16. Oktober 2017 at 22:22 #31913

    I did try reinstalling but made no difference.

    I think the actual sequence is:

    Let’s say we’re active via Squeezelite player. Start playing via Spotify Connect. Squeezelite keeps playing, which is fine. Spotify appears to be playing in that the progress bar and timers are changing in Spotify Now Playing panel. Pause Squeezelite player via LMS web control. Spotify still playing, Spotify Connect service still running, but no sound being output from Pi box. Pause Spotify player and I think it is at that point that the Connect service crashes with the usual debug info. That’s what appears to happen, although there may be some timing synchronicity which makes it appear it’s hitting pause that kills it.

    #### Librespot Output ####
    INFO:librespot: librespot cc9dba8 (2017-03-26). Built on 2017-07-17. Build ID: 8zQE3Bpb
    INFO:librespot::session: Connecting to AP „“
    INFO:librespot::session: Authenticated as „theonlyfoz“ !
    INFO:librespot::audio_backend::alsa: Using alsa sink
    INFO:librespot::session: Country: „GB“
    INFO:librespot::player: Loading track „Symphony No. 1 in C Minor, Op. 11: I. Allegro di molto“
    INFO:librespot::player: Track „Symphony No. 1 in C Minor, Op. 11: I. Allegro di molto“ loaded
    thread ‚<unnamed>‘ panicked at ‚called Option::unwrap() on a None value‘, /checkout/src/libcore/
    note: Run with RUST_BACKTRACE=1 for a backtrace.
    thread ‚main‘ panicked at ‚called Result::unwrap() on an Err value: „SendError(..)“‚, /checkout/src/libcore/

    16. Oktober 2017 at 18:57 #31907

    I will try that, but unless there has been a very new build of librespot I suspect there will be no change.

    I refer you to Issue #165 on librespot github, raised 17 March and apparently still open ( It was also recently announced ( that plietar can no longer support librespot.

    Having said that, I do have a Pi Zero running Volumio 2 with their Volumio Spotify Connect 2 which is also based on librespot and I find that does work OK. Start playing through Spotify connect while currently playing via say AirPlay and it will allow the Spotify control if the Airplay is paused after the Spotify has started. I do wonder if they are simply relaunching the librespot or using it in a different way. Whatever, it is more elegant than the Max2Play implementation crashing and needing restarting.

    With regards to librespot, what happens now ? Everybody seems to have switched to it including yourselves, Volumio, I believe the Spotty LMS plugin is built around librespot, as are some hardware products. Will someone pick it up and run with it ? Will we ever get gapless Spotify Connect ? Am I going to have to buy a Yamaha WXAD-10, I hope not.

    Thanks for the time you spend on this project and your help


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    5. Oktober 2017 at 14:48 #31698

    Thanks for that Song2.

    Updated to Beta and GPU memory changed.

    29. September 2017 at 22:07 #31635

    Just reloaded from scratch on one of the boxes.

    Box is Raspberry PI 2 with HiFiBerry Digi+ connected via LAN

    1. Win32DiskImager to put m2p_rpi_default_244_wps_ap_expand.img to MicroSD card
    2. Insert card and reinsert power lead
    3. Login to http://max2play
    4. Select HiFiBerry from prompt window, driver installs
    5. Select Digi+ on HiFiBerry tab and save
    6. Switch to Raspberry Settings tab, no GPU memory size displayed, cannot see debug info
    7. Switch to Settings/Reboot tab
    8. Activate with email address
    9. Switch to Raspberry PI Settings tab, GPU memory reported as 128, DEBUG Information visible
    10. Change GPU ram setting from 128 to 16 and Save
    11. Reboot needed message displayed, but GPU ram setting reading 128 again
    12. Switch to Settings/Reboot tab
    13. Reboot
    14. GPU ram still set to 128

    DEBUG Information from Raspberry Settings
    #### BOOT CONFIG TXT ####
    # For more options and information see
    # Some settings may impact device functionality. See link above for details

    # uncomment if you get no picture on HDMI for a default „safe“ mode

    # uncomment this if your display has a black border of unused pixels visible
    # and your display can output without overscan

    # uncomment the following to adjust overscan. Use positive numbers if console
    # goes off screen, and negative if there is too much border

    # uncomment to force a console size. By default it will be display’s size minus
    # overscan.

    # uncomment if hdmi display is not detected and composite is being output

    # uncomment to force a specific HDMI mode (this will force VGA)

    # uncomment to force a HDMI mode rather than DVI. This can make audio work in
    # DMT (computer monitor) modes

    # uncomment to increase signal to HDMI, if you have interference, blanking, or
    # no display

    # uncomment for composite PAL

    #uncomment to overclock the arm. 700 MHz is the default.

    # Uncomment some or all of these to enable the optional hardware interfaces

    # Uncomment this to enable the lirc-rpi module

    # Additional overlays and parameters are documented /boot/overlays/README

    # Enable audio (loads snd_bcm2835)



    27. September 2017 at 10:15 #31568

    I am still having trouble getting repeatable results.

    I have 2 identical setups with Raspberry PI 2 with HiFiBerry Digi+. I reloaded one with a fresh image downloaded from Max2Play. The previous loads were sourced from HiFiBerry but I do not think that has any bearing.

    Last night I thought I had found that if the Player name/URL had a ‚-‚ in it, then that was causing an issue, especially as the result of setting Network Lookup displays the names truncated from that ‚-‚ eg using mx-middle as the name resulted in middle.home as the name in the Network Lookup list displayed top right on the web interface. It still appears to reduce the reliability of the autostart but that may be coincidence as removing the ‚-‚ has not guaranteed that the autostart will succeed every time.

    Both boxes are connected by LAN to a PowerLine network using TP-Link AV1200 adaptors and I am wondering if they are introducing instability. Equally I realised this morning that one of the boxes was set for Europe/Berlin whilst the other was correct as Europe/London. This was a bit of an oversight and may be Spotify didn’t always like Connect devices on the same Premium account in different timezones although again it had been working some times.

    Having corrected the timezone I will keep trying and see how stable the Autostart is. Moving to WiFi may be an issue as the 2.4GHz band for which I have dongles is very congested here which is why I put in the PowerLine.

    27. September 2017 at 0:48 #31565

    I did a complete rebuild from recently downloaded image from Max2Play. I think I need to do more testing. I had a scenario all tagged out, which I had detailed here, which has just been shown to be wrong when I rebooted again. Will post when I am more confident of repeatable results.


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    26. September 2017 at 11:31 #31555

    OK done that, exactly same result. Shareport is not in use anyway at the moment but may be needed when box is deployed so I will test with Squeezelite and Shareport on Auto Start after we resolve the Spotify Connect alone. Any other info that would be helpful ?

    DEBUG information after boot
    #### Librespot Output ####
    INFO:librespot: librespot cc9dba8 (2017-03-26). Built on 2017-07-17. Build ID: 8zQE3Bpb
    WARN:librespot::apresolve: Failed to resolve Access Point: HTTP error
    WARN:librespot::apresolve: Using fallback „“
    INFO:librespot::session: Connecting to AP „“
    thread ‚main‘ panicked at ‚called Result::unwrap() on an Err value: Error { repr: Custom(Custom { kind: Other, error: StringError(„failed to lookup address information: Name or service not known“) }) }‘, /checkout/src/libcore/
    note: Run with RUST_BACKTRACE=1 for a backtrace.

    #### Librespot Command Line Options ####
    error: Required option ’name‘ missing.
    Usage: /opt/spotifyconnect/librespot [options]

    FYI DEBUG Information when manually started, still not started Squeezelite at this point although there have been no problems manually starting Spotify Connect when Squeezelite running in the past
    DEBUG Information
    #### Librespot Output ####
    INFO:librespot: librespot cc9dba8 (2017-03-26). Built on 2017-07-17. Build ID: 8zQE3Bpb
    INFO:librespot::session: Connecting to AP „“
    INFO:librespot::session: Authenticated as „theonlyfoz“ !
    INFO:librespot::audio_backend::alsa: Using alsa sink
    INFO:librespot::session: Country: „GB“

    #### Librespot Command Line Options ####
    error: Required option ’name‘ missing.
    Usage: /opt/spotifyconnect/librespot [options]

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