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  • 14. November 2017 at 8:47 #32469


    Thanks for your answer.
    I tried that solution already.
    I found a start Kodi button in Jivelite so that was ok, but I had following issues :
    1) In this setup I need to run my screenssaver (slideshow of all the pictures on my server) from jivelite. I tried that but from the moment the program showing the pictures encounters a file that it can’t read (something other than a picture) it stops instead of going to the following one. Also I did’nt find how to start the slideshow automatically after a few minutes.
    2) I was not able to have CEC working in jivelite. CEC is working in kodi (out of the box) but not in Jivelite. When I install the specific software part in max2player about CEC, in kodi all commands are doubled, but still nothing in jivelite.
    3) When I switch off kodi to go back to jivelite, it swicth of the TV.

    If I could solved that, it should be a good solution.
    I am also looking after running a slideshow in the max2play deskstop and to start kodi with lirc. But did’nt found time yet to test it.
    I also achieve to have Xsqueeze running, what could be a good solution, but it seems not to be that stable…



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)