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  • 12. November 2017 at 14:46 #32430


    Not sure this is the right section to post. Please feel free to move it if not appropriate.
    I have 3 setups I would like to achieve with RPI’s abd max2play and don’t succeed to do it for the moment.
    Lets‘ start with the first one:
    One RPI connected to a TV with HDMI.
    On my network I have a sqeezeboxserver(max2play) running and other max2play with with sqeezelite.
    What I a am looking to do:
    – Use Kodi to view video and TV
    – Use the same RPI, when not viewing video or TV, to run a screensaver with pictures (that’s alreday running) but at the same time listen to music from the sqeezeboxserver and be able to control that music either with the remote from my TV or with a sqeeze app like ipeng.
    – Don’t want to have to go on a computer to start or stop kodi or other stuff (could be done if needed with the TV reemote and lirc)

    That’s it!
    I tried xsqueeze, but not able to have it run for the moment (can’t find player error).
    Any other solution ?

    Thanks for your assistance,


    13. November 2017 at 17:18 #32463

    Hi specher,

    You can use Jivelite and Kodi and switch between the two. You can create a button or bookmark for the http command to start Kodi and have Jivelite running otherwise. This way, you can start your video use with one command from any device (use the voice control plugin to get the right http command or check the URL bar after starting Kodi) to use Kodi and just shut it down once you are done with it to get Jivelite started again.

    I have not tested this specific setup yet, but the only issue that might arise is that Jivelite might not start up automatically again after turning off Kodi. For that, you can also add a http command.

    14. November 2017 at 8:47 #32469


    Thanks for your answer.
    I tried that solution already.
    I found a start Kodi button in Jivelite so that was ok, but I had following issues :
    1) In this setup I need to run my screenssaver (slideshow of all the pictures on my server) from jivelite. I tried that but from the moment the program showing the pictures encounters a file that it can’t read (something other than a picture) it stops instead of going to the following one. Also I did’nt find how to start the slideshow automatically after a few minutes.
    2) I was not able to have CEC working in jivelite. CEC is working in kodi (out of the box) but not in Jivelite. When I install the specific software part in max2player about CEC, in kodi all commands are doubled, but still nothing in jivelite.
    3) When I switch off kodi to go back to jivelite, it swicth of the TV.

    If I could solved that, it should be a good solution.
    I am also looking after running a slideshow in the max2play deskstop and to start kodi with lirc. But did’nt found time yet to test it.
    I also achieve to have Xsqueeze running, what could be a good solution, but it seems not to be that stable…



    20. Mai 2018 at 9:20 #35783

    as for kodi turning off your tv, that is an option in the kodi settings for the cec plugin, iirc it is in settings / system / peripherals / cec-plugin

    as for controlling cec from jivelite, you could check out the cec-utils linux package which allows reacting to cec signals, you can install it with
    sudo apt-get install cec-utils
    in a terminal. to see info about it you can read the manual by entering
    man cec-utils

    25. Mai 2018 at 14:04 #35882

    Hi guys,

    Thanks to stealz for the great tips. You can use our remote control plugin to access the console/terminal from any browser.

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