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  • 26. März 2020 at 18:47 #48285

    Thanks for replying Heiner, I saw no one was really interested in doing any comments for days.

    I’m an IT engineer and I use to spend/waste my time on setting things up, and while I appreciate your suggestion I believe that when I pay for a tool/license is to enjoy it, and not to be part of the development team. Being a tester is what all companies are asking their users and I’m good with it if the support is good too.

    I can live with using squeezebox server in a NAS, but I can’t understand there’s not an easy way to convert a raspberry with an audio card and amplifier to what Amazon now calls „echo link amp“, something that is still not ready/on sale in Spain where I live.
    Looking at the cost and easy config of the echo link amp it seems to be the way to go, I just preferred the open hardware way that allows better recycling of devices and a longer life not being tight to any software development.

    I tested Max2play a while ago and without the SDcard in read only mode it breaks so easy and is time consuming to get to the starting point again.

    Thanks for you advice,

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)