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  • 22. März 2020 at 21:43 #48203


    I’m more or less new using M2P and I want your opinion for this before focusing on the impementation.

    (I was first looking at the forum and blog but I haven’t found it)

    I have 12 ceiling speakers and my intention is having 5 or 6 raspberry Pi with Justboom AMP hat to control them (I currently have 5 Raspberry Pi and 3 justboom amp hats to test)

    I also have some alexa devides home (some echo, some fireTV and my phones)

    In terms of Music I have some personal folders in a NAS, spotify premium and the not full Amazon Music.

    My intention is to be able to have multiroom audio (that sees to be possible with Squeezebox) but as easy to manage as posible, if I can just tell „Alexa play Techno from spotify in Max2play room1 and room2“ that will be really fantastic.

    Please let me know from your experience what is your recommended setup.

    Thanks a lot.

    26. März 2020 at 15:22 #48272

    Hi Ruben,

    We currently do not have an Alexa integration.

    However, our API-Examples plugin lets you quickly and conveniently copy and paste universal HTTP requests for play, pause, next song and many other functions for each individual player. So with a home integration tool, you should be able to create your own solution for Alexa control.

    Here’s our guide to get you started!

    26. März 2020 at 18:47 #48285

    Thanks for replying Heiner, I saw no one was really interested in doing any comments for days.

    I’m an IT engineer and I use to spend/waste my time on setting things up, and while I appreciate your suggestion I believe that when I pay for a tool/license is to enjoy it, and not to be part of the development team. Being a tester is what all companies are asking their users and I’m good with it if the support is good too.

    I can live with using squeezebox server in a NAS, but I can’t understand there’s not an easy way to convert a raspberry with an audio card and amplifier to what Amazon now calls „echo link amp“, something that is still not ready/on sale in Spain where I live.
    Looking at the cost and easy config of the echo link amp it seems to be the way to go, I just preferred the open hardware way that allows better recycling of devices and a longer life not being tight to any software development.

    I tested Max2play a while ago and without the SDcard in read only mode it breaks so easy and is time consuming to get to the starting point again.

    Thanks for you advice,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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