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  • 3. Februar 2018 at 0:15 #33824

    Thanks for the response.
    I used your ‚proper‘ Jessie image. In trying to customise that set up for the USB screen I have, the connection was lost to the Max2Play interface & Squeezecentre (but oddly not the router); I couldn’t re-establish a connection so reloaded the image to give me a clean/stable platform.
    Rather than try the hack again and risk losing my music streaming (used daily), I’ve decided to get another RPi3 (sans DAC) and I’ll experiment with that instead – probably try aginst your beta Stretch version first and if that fails It’ll have to be standard Stretch+Squeezelite+Jivelite.

    Am a Raspberry/Linux newbie so might take me a while/few goes but if I succeed, particularly if it’s with your beta Stretch, I’ll let you know.

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