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  • 5. Mai 2017 at 14:06 #28718


    maybe on the RPI3 the problems are worse. But I agree that it would be enough to write „Deaktiviere integriertes Audio“ in the RPI-preferences.

    There must be a possibility to change the topic, because there are topics in this forum with [Solved]. So lets close this topic between us two.

    Again many thanks for your qualified help!


    4. Mai 2017 at 18:34 #28708

    Hello mtk,
    thank you for this hint! It brought the solution. The funny thing is that I use a RasPi 2 and the option is for the RasPi 3.
    But nevertheless it works.
    Being new to this forum I cannot find the button for „solved“. Have you got an idea?


    4. Mai 2017 at 12:41 #28696

    Hi Mohammad Mbydeen,
    many thanks for giving me link!
    The main informations in this link were
    1. use the actual version of KODI,
    2. disable any kind of audio-players,
    3. disable the onboard-audio in case of additional sound cards.
    I use the KODI-Version 17.1, which is the latest version.
    max2play disables automaticly the Squeezelite-player, if KODI is enabled.
    Disabling the onboard-audio seems a problem to me, because in the „Raspberry Einstellungen“ there is only the choice between Standard, Earphone-connection and HDMI. There is no possibility to disable onboard-audio.
    I choose „Earphone-connection“ to avoid audio being streamed over HDMI, but in the KODI-preferences (Audio output device) was no difference against the statements in my first mail.
    So the open question is: how can I disable onboard-audio?
    Thanks for help,

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