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  • 8. März 2023 at 0:09 #52696

    Thanks Mario, that worked first time. For information, the Mojo 2 is a massive improvement over the IQaudio PiDac+.

    30. Januar 2016 at 15:48 #18259

    Started again: reformatted SD card, imaged m2p_iqaudio, rebooted pi, logged on to Max2Play, selected IQAudio card, restarted.
    Expanded filesystem, updated Max2PLay, reboot.
    Selected Advanced set-up under IQAudio, installed Squeezebox 7.9. Opened Logitech Media Server. It found the (previously missing) USB stick that I had just inserted. Rescanned music database….and it works.
    Repeated the process on a second SD card for a second IQAdio player in another room, but didn’t install Sqeezebox server – found that squeeezelite is already installed. Found the new player from it’s web address (located via my router), selected IQAudio, expanded filesystem.
    Now both players up and running, either synchronised or playing different music in each room. Both are wired into a home network.
    Success! The IQAUdio DAC sounds fantastic. Both are operated using Orangesqueeze on an Android phone.

    Next question – how do I adjust ALSA volume in the Max2PLay settings? IQAUdio recommend turning down the ALSA volume to around 81%, so how do I do that?

    29. Januar 2016 at 20:29 #18249

    1. ympd will play radio but now won’t find the directly-plugged-in usb stick with ripped music on
    2. LMS can’t find music and won’t play radio
    I suspect the above issues are because I haven’t yet set the correct file system mount point – what should tha be for a usb stick plugged directly into the pi?
    3. I think I’ve figured out that both MPD and Squeezeserver can’t both be rumming at the same time – but please correct me, and also inform me if the 2 are mutually incompatible and therefore I need to uninstall MPD (and how do I do that?)
    4. Sorted file system expansion having removed the USB stick first. Now not flagging up as short on space.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)