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  • 24. September 2020 at 7:18 #49749

    Hello Bun-Bun,

    The option to use for the HiFiBerry DAC2 HD on RPi4 is:

    HifiBerry DAC+ HD (B+ / PI 2/3/4)

    I believe to get that option to show up on drop-down I followed the instructions here to force an update to the latest Beta version of Max2Play:

    I found that link at the bottom of this page under Installation:


    27. August 2020 at 5:23 #49577

    I had not been able to get M2P on my RPi4 8GB to boot up at first either. My plan was to set it up as an LMS server only with no soundcard.

    I used the advice from Bencat57 and Iwanman above and got an RPi4 4GB and used the DL of M2P on an SD card to update it to version 2.52.

    I then took that SD card and put it in the RPi4 8G and it would still not boot. That was anticipated, but just thought I’d try.

    Then I updated it to the latest Kernal using info I found on the internet and rusty Unix skills I haven’t used since the 90s.

    All went well and the RPi4 8G has been running Squeezebox Server/LMS for over a week now without any problems. Doing a rescan looking for new and changed media files went from about 14 minutes to about 3 minutes.

    I then repurposed the RPi4 4G to be used with a new HiFiBerry DAC2 HD and it is running well on M2P Beta. I had planned on getting the new RPi4 and HiFiBerry card in the future, but ended up getting them earlier than planned to help get the 8gB RPi up and running.

    Thanks for the help and suggestions from the folks on this forum.


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    10. August 2020 at 19:28 #49519

    Thank you Iwanman,

    That seems to be the way Bencat57 got his RPi4 8G working with Max2Play as he described earlier in this thread. This may be the only way at this time to get the RPi4 8G to work.

    I was hoping to make these changes to my system one step at a time, but will give this a try so I can move forward. I will be able to use the RPi4 4G in the near future when building a new player with Max2Play and DAC HAT.

    Thanks again for your input!


    10. August 2020 at 8:01 #49516

    I was encouraged by all the success stories regarding Max2Play and the Raspberry Pi4 here.

    I currently have a Pi3 (with HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro) and Pi3B (with Allo DigiOne). I am planning to add a couple of more Pi players in the future, so I wanted to move LMS onto a dedicated Max2Play server.

    I ordered and received a RPi 4B 8G from PiShop.US and have spent several hours over the last couple of days trying to get LMS working on it. Actually, I have not been able to get the RPi 4 to boot at all using the current version on the Max2Play download page (Buster rpi-250). I get 4 slow blinking green lights followed by 4 fast blinking green lights repeating.

    After trying 5 or 6 different SD cards of various sizes (8G, 16G, 32G), 3 different card readers to burn the image files, and downloading the Buster v250 files 3 times, I always got the same boot failure.

    I decided to try some tests and downloaded PiCorePlayer and Volumio image files and burned those, sometimes to the same SD cards that had failed with the Max2Play image.

    Both the PiCorePlayer and the Volumio SD cards would boot and the web interface was available and seemed to be working fine. I played around with each of them for some time and even used Volumio to set up a standalone LMS server on the RPi4 that is working well with my two Max2Play players now.

    It appears that I should be able to get this up and working on a Rpi 4 using Max2Play and that is my preference because I’m more familiar with that interface and would prefer it. I notice that most of the information I’ve read about here regarding the RPi4 w/Max2Play working together involves Buster 2.52 version, I have no way to get to that version without booting with 2.50 and then updating – or so it seems.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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