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  • 13. Oktober 2018 at 3:38 #38594

    Im having a similar problem and I can’t seem to update squeezelite from the interface to the versions your referencing above… when I update this is the version that is listed and put in the logs
    Squeezelite Max2Play v1.0.2 based on v1.8.4-726, Copyright 2012-2015 Adrian Smith, 2015-2016 Ralph Irving.
    how can I get to the new ones as id love to get text to speech playing on my devices.. also im running multi squeeze if that matters

    20. April 2018 at 2:34 #35232

    Also one more error I’ve noticed is with a player I tried to set up. All goes well until I try to install SD card protection on the stretch version. It worked fine on the Jessie version with my pi zero players with hifiberry amp+. But it appears to successfully enabling read only and says reboot required but after the reboot the pi doesn’t join the network. I’m assuming it’s in a boot error but I don’t have a monitor hooked up to it to confirm. I replicated the error twice and realized that’s where my problems happened. I just set up the player again with everything I wanted on it but sd card protection and all is working well. If it helps the player is a regular pi3 and hifiberry amp2 running the stretch version.

    19. April 2018 at 21:37 #35229

    So I updated to the new stretch image and a pi3b+ with a hifiberry amp2. My previous setup was a pi3b with an amp+ with the new setup I can’t get the rpi cam addon to work. I’m guessing it’s something with stretch but is there any insights to this? I had my previous pi doubling duty and sending an Mjpeg stream to my security camera server and I’d like to get that same setup on the new one.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)