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  • 28. Dezember 2016 at 1:29 #25281

    I just purchased max2play with the belief that airplay would work as described in the features and documentation. It does not work for the reasons described in the first post in this thread. If airplay is used it plays one song and then stops.

    There is confusion in the documentation which talks about shairport sync which seems to be different than the plug-in „shairport-sync“ but the documentation lead me to believe that „shairport-sync“ was used which others have reported works with latest versions of ios successfully.

    Since airplay does not work — I conclude that shairport-sync is not being used and the old unsupported version of shairport which does not work with the latest version of ios is still being used.

    This is a major product flaw and needs to be fixed asap and others contemplating premium version purchase should be aware that as of this time airplay does not work.


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