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  • 9. Oktober 2018 at 11:12 #38490

    I’m not able to config WLAN

    LAN is ok, by config WLAN i get this Debug-note:

    Debug: Saving WPA-Supplicant (Reloading /etc/samba/smb.conf: smbd only. Line 12: unknown global field ’ssid=“UPC0050309″‚. Line 12: Invalid configuration line ’ssid=“UPC0050309″‚. Line 13: unknown global field ’scan_ssid=1′. Line 13: Invalid configuration line ’scan_ssid=1‘. Line 14: unknown global field ‚proto=RSN‘. Line 14: Invalid configuration line ‚proto=RSN‘. Line 15: unknown global field ‚key_mgmt=WPA-PSK‘. Line 15: Invalid configuration line ‚key_mgmt=WPA-PSK‘. Line 16: unknown global field ‚pairwise=CCMP TKIP‘. Line 16: Invalid configuration line ‚pairwise=CCMP TKIP‘. Line 17: unknown global field ‚group=CCMP TKIP‘. Line 17: Invalid configuration line ‚group=CCMP TKIP‘. Line 18: unknown global field ‚psk=“IAAGSQQQ“‚. Line 18: Invalid configuration line ‚psk=“IAAGSQQQ“‚. Line 25: invalid key_mgmt ‚WPA2-PSK‘ Line 25: no key_mgmt values configured. Line 25: failed to parse key_mgmt ‚WPA2-PSK‘. Line 29: failed to parse network block. Failed to read or parse configuration ‚/opt/max2play/wpa_supplicant.conf‘. )
    WLAN aktiviert – bitte Neustarten
    Daten gespeichert

    see the ssid! this the system already changed every time to this „UPC…“ after I give the correct ssid and pw the save settings

    my question,
    normal I have working the player with LAN, is further WLAN mandatory by using of remote control by Kodi?

    9. Oktober 2018 at 13:31 #38496

    Hello Max,

    Have you tried using WPS, yet? Here’s our HowTo on this configuration method

    Does your password or ssid have special characters or signs in it? This might be the issue for the Pi.

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