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  • 11. July 2016 at 15:31 #21414

    Just in case any other newbies like me were wondering if it’s possible to run max2play from a usb stick, I can confirm that it is. Doing so is reckoned to reduce the amount of wear and tear on micro sd cards, which are generally regarded as being less robust than a usb stick. It also means you can use a smaller capacity micro sd. I’m using the original 8gb card that I ordered with my pi, but 4gb or even 2gb (do they exist?) would be ample. I have just the boot files still on the sd card, everything else on a 32gb SanDisk usb stick. I followed this guide to get it up and running:

    It’s working fine, including the additional configuring needed to make use of the CirrusLogic audio card I have installed, so I hope this may be useful to others.

    PS Another reason for setting up this way is that I want to use the audio card to record from my vinyl collection. Still waiting for some response to my separate post on that topic! (Hint, hint!)

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