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  • 1. August 2017 at 11:42 #30280

    Hi all,

    First of all, i would like to apologize for my english, i hope i will be able able to express myself properly…

    I have some questions concerning max2play premium license :

    1) first can I have confirmation that one single licence can be used on multiple raspberry on the same network ? I’m not sure of what i understand about that

    2) Imagine I bought a 1year max2play license and i install premium plugins, what is the behavior when licence comes to term ? does premium plugins are all deactivated ? or just i can’t update and install new plugins ?

    3) Does max2play licence (and so premium plugins) work without internet connection ? (after activation of course, activation will be done with internet)
    I explain : I use my mobile phone for sharing internet connection at home only when i really need, the rest of the time, there is no internet connection. Does I will be able to use fully my system without internet connection ?

    For information my setup will be :
    3 raspberry with 3 hifiberry DAC and 6 max2play instance, i will principally use iphone or ipad to play deezer via airplay or ipeng 9 on those same device to control max2play to play music on my synology nas.

    I wainting for your answers,
    Thank in advance,


    1. August 2017 at 14:24 #30282

    i think that i found the answer for question 2 :


    “After your premium license has expired, you can continue to use your existing Max2Play setup. Changes requiring a valid Max2Play License are not possible anymore.”


    „Features that only work with premium license can not be changed after run out of the premium license. E.g. the premium plugins and the Raspberry Settings menu works only with a premium license.
    Your own settings will be retained even after run out of the license.“

    So if I understand correctly : if i install, for example, multisqueeze plugin when my license is active, and use two squeeze lite player on the same respberry; After license has expired, the system will still functionning like before, but i will not be able to manage anything on the configuration ?

    other example : with the plugin access point or vnc server, my rasp will still be a wifi access point or a vnc server, but i will not be able to change parameter like SSID for wifi or password for vnc ?

    I suppose so that can partially answer to question 3) : the system will still functionning without internet, but i will not be able to modify some parameters on premium plugins ?

    1. August 2017 at 15:49 #30283

    Hi Jeremy,

    Thanks for the effort of writing in English, it is very much appreciated by both me and the rest of the community.

    1) The license is user-based. You can activate all your devices with it. Nonetheless, we are happy about every newly bought one 😉

    2) We will not revert your configurations. However, when the license expires, you will not be able to benefit from any of the premium features anymore.

    3) You will NOT be able to access the premium features like the MultiSqueeze players anymore. They will not be deleted and all their features and config will return once you reactivate the license. However, you cannot use them without an active license. Same with VNC and any other premium plugin.
    However, the active license will remain active after you disconnect from the internet. It will remain active as long as the runtime of your license is still active no matter what internet status the device has. All premium features will also remain active and useable if you installed them. The only thing you cannot do, naturally, is download new updates or plugins.

    I hope this answers all your questions. If you need clarification on anything, let me know.

    Also, good luck with your system. The components are great for starting out with multiroom audio.

    1. August 2017 at 17:22 #30287

    OK !

    Thanks a lot, I think all is clear for me :o)

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