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  • 29. Februar 2016 at 18:19 #18860

    If your player does not support DOP (DSD over PCM) you should enable the DSDPlayer Plugin in the Squeezebox Server Settings -> Plugins.

    Reboot the Squeezebox Server and you will find a new option in the Squeezebox Server Settings -> player-settings: called DSDPlayer.

    Choose „High Quality“ for Soxr Quality and choose a filter.

    You also have to make sure that your Squeezelite Player on Max2Play is not trying to decode the DSD-Files. This can be done by adding „-e dsd“ to the command-line options on the Max2Play Web interface Audioplayer Tab -> Advanced Settings Squeezelite.

    29. März 2016 at 16:16 #19504


    Should I be able to play DSD (DSF) files using my Raspberry Pi2 B with Cirrus Logic/Wolfson card, and Max2play? I am not sure if my player supports DOP, but I have followed the above and still cannot see DSD (DSF) files in Squeezebox Server. I am using Nightly 7.9. The DSDPlayer Plugin shows as active, and all the settings and options mentioned above exist in the Squeezebox Server Web-administration settings menus.


    6. April 2016 at 16:18 #19665

    Hi Simon,
    If the SBS is not reading your files, it might be connected to the files themselves. Please, try out a dsd testfile to see if it gets read in by your SBS. Here, you can find several:

    7. April 2016 at 2:43 #19687

    Hi Heiner,

    Thanks for the link to the test files. I had a quick read about MQA encoding/decoding. Do you think that is something that can be included (licensed?) within Max2play in the future? It sounds very interesting.

    By following the instructions in the topic thread below, all seems to working correctly now with my DSD/DSF files.

    Do you know if there are any 12S DAC’s that play DSD over PCM through the Pi with Max2play? I assume my Cirrus/Wolfson card will only play DSD/DSF files converted to FLAC(?), as it will not play them unless I set the ‚DSD‘ setting to ‚Disabled‘, and the ‚FLAC‘ setting to ‚dsdplay‘ in the ‚DSF‘ setting under ‚File Types‘ in the LMS ‚Advanced‘ settings menu.

    Both 5.6 and 2.8 DSF files are playing successfully for me.

    Do you know if there is any quality loss of DSD files played-back ‚converted‘ to FLAC?


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    13. April 2016 at 16:23 #19764

    Usually, the quality loss is only as high as the gap between the output device’s maximum and the file’s quality.

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