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  • 27. September 2016 at 15:58 #23227


    Apologies in advance if this topic is dealt with in other posts – a quick search and I couldn’t find useful info. Note I’m also a squeezebox novice.

    I’m trying to build multiroom sync functionality into my current hardware setup (funds are limited!) preferably with a single controller app and without say the dependency on running iTunes airplay via my windows 10 PC and having it run all day or cluttering the current wireless devices with further Pis. Could anyone give me advice as to whether and how this can be best achieved? My hardware is as follows:

    – NAS WD MyCloud 3TB containing music library
    – Room 1: Raspberry Pi2 with HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro connected to old Cambridge Audio analogue amp and speakers
    – Room 2: DLNA/upnp and bluetooth compatible wireless AV receiver – Sony STR-DN1050
    – Room 3: DLNA/upnp and bluetooth compatible wireless speaker – Sony SRS-X88

    Previously I’d installed Volumio on the room 1 Pi and was controlling each room via a tablet running bubbleupnp, however I’m experimenting whether LMS offers a better sync solution. I’ve successfully installed the squeezebox server on the room 1 Pi, mounted the NAS and an iTunes PC to Pi via airplay test shows it’s all working. However, are there any plugins for connecting the room 2&3 upnp devices via squeezebox (preferably with sync functionality)?

    Many thanks.

    10. Oktober 2016 at 13:37 #23342

    Hello rjr,

    Thanks for your request and apologies the late response.

    Maybe this is a good help for you. If you have more questions, which are not in this articles, please write again in this topic.

    Starter Guide

    Build a multiroom audio system with Max2Play

    Best Regards

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