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  • 5. Februar 2017 at 14:20 #26682


    with the headphone jack it was possible to use it as output for 2 Player instances.

    Now I attached my IQAudIO compatible x400 suptronics and it is not possible to get 2 players working with the same output.
    I was reading that the problem that an output is bussy can be solved with the right dmixer settings.

    When I set the option „dmix -IQAudIO DAC“ the player is not playing at all – even not with 1 instance.

    Please can you guide me which settings I have to change to be able to use my DAC for mulitple players.



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    6. Februar 2017 at 17:00 #26697

    Dear eriche,

    if you are using squeezelite and airplay as players, the solution would be as follows:

    1. Leave the Command Line Options empty for the squeezelite player on the audioplyer page.
    2. Put the IP of the raspberry pi in Shairport/Squeezelite automatic Audio-Switch for Shairport(Airplay).
    3. To get good sound quality, configure the Settings for Master Volume in the card page to the max, then control the sound from the players.

    Best Regards,
    Mohammad Mbydeen

    6. Februar 2017 at 20:41 #26699

    Thanks for your answers.

    I would like to use Multisqueeze with 2 instances of players and the output of my DAC x400.

    My command line option of the player always was empty.
    your 2nd point I can not follow – I can not find „automatic Audio Switch“ 🙁

    I am sure with the right asound.conf it is possible to use the DAC also for 4 sources as Output.
    Like in Windows, where you can play a game and have a music player running at the same time,…

    Would be nice if this configuration option would be implemented, in case it doesn`t already exist.

    The HOPE that this feature will work with max2play made me buying a 5 year license 😉
    So please help me out.
    From 2 Days testing I have to say that I realy like max2play because I could setup things in 1 hour I was struggling around days with piCore or other free solutions,…

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    7. Februar 2017 at 13:04 #26718

    Dear eriche,

    Please note that squeezelite player is a passive agent for squeezebox server, and it uses only one output, pelase tell us more about your setup and why you really want to use two instances of players 🙂

    Is this question is related to this post:


    About “automatic Audio Switch” ,you can find by clicking on Audioplayer page then Shairport, then you will find it below the command line.

    Best Regards,
    Mohammad Mbydeen

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    7. Februar 2017 at 22:19 #26740

    Thanks for your help – only because of the support – my license fee is worth every singe cent 😉

    with the HiFi Berry link you posted in my other topic, I could make it work!
    Now I have Multiqueeze running and as Soundcard dmixer.

    For sure your integrated dmix option is working for USB Soundcards for mixing 2 players into 1 output.

    But like written, it seems that with DACs it is more complicated

    The Raspberry Pi ASoc sound subsystem does not allow concurrent access to the sound card from multiple processes


    7. Februar 2017 at 22:34 #26745

    Hello eriche,

    We are happy that your problem has been resolved, I will mention these links for the record and for other members on the forum that want to apply the same configuration:



    Best Regards,
    Mohammad Mbydeen

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