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  • 27. Juli 2015 at 11:22 #15213

    Hi there

    Posting on Hifiberry and Squeeze forums haven’t gained any replies so trying here

    I installed the latest Hifiberry image and all works except the EQ

    I’ve looked at the asound.conf and also the ALSA folders but not sure what to look for (and if I’m looking at the right ones for Max2play!)

    Can someone please advise me on the best way to fault find and also what files/folder locations I need to look at?

    Happy to get my hands dirty but if this isnt working at the moment on this image I’d like to know so I will then re install the PI image and set up the hifiberry card … just liked the simplicity of this image!


    27. Juli 2015 at 14:41 #15214

    Hi Atinkler,

    the current equalizer on the audioplayer tab is only working with squeezelite. As the MPD-Player needs the user „mpd“ and not the system user „pi“ to control the equalizer, we have to add the equalizer feature to the „Music Player MPD“ tab with slightly different settings to get it working. Besides that, you need to set the Sound Device in the soundcard settings of the MPD player to „plug:plugequal“. If you do not want to wait until our next release you may run this on the console as root to change the equalizer settings:
    „usermod -aG audio mpd“
    „sudo -H -u mpd alsamixer -D equal“


    27. Juli 2015 at 15:23 #15216

    Thanks for the reply Flysurfer

    Sorry if I’ve got the wrong end of the stick but I thought I had connected using Squeezelite? I am playing my music through a LMS set up and synced to other LMS systems?

    27. Juli 2015 at 15:51 #15217

    Hi Atinkler,

    did you change the soundcard setting for squeezelite to „plugequal – Equalizer for plughw:0,0“ in advanced settings?

    Just tested this with the HiFiBerry Amp and it is working for me.


    27. Juli 2015 at 15:57 #15218

    No I didnt.. I set up the card as per the step by step instructions (very simple and intuitive by the way!) .. I didnt do anything else.

    So, if I didn’t change the card in the squeezelite setting what is the default that I’m currently using?

    I will change when I get home – hopefully that’s going to be the problem (maybe worth a note in the instructions for setting up the EQ?)

    27. Juli 2015 at 16:08 #15219

    Ok – yeah, you need to change the soundcard output on the audioplayer tab, if you want to use the equalizer. By default the soundcard setting points directly to the hifiberry amp, if you choose this setting initially. I will think about how to explain that setting a little further in the equalizer menu. Thanks for your feedback on this!

    27. Juli 2015 at 16:18 #15220

    Great – I’ll give it a whirl – all in all very good work though!

    21. Februar 2017 at 20:51 #27098

    Sorry for hijacking this thread.
    My problem is the same as decribed below.
    I’m using AMP+ Card and no Equalizer is working.
    In advanced setting soundcard is set to „“sysdefault – snd_rpi_hifiberry_amp, Default Audio Device, sndrpihifiberry“.
    If I set this to “plugequal – Equalizer for plughw:0,0” no sound is hearable anymore.
    What do I have to do for make Equalizer working with HiFiBerry AMP+?

    22. Februar 2017 at 13:08 #27118

    Dear NorbertB,

    Please try only entering “-o plug:plugequal” in the command line, for more info please take a look at this thread:


    Mohammad Mbydeen

    22. Februar 2017 at 13:35 #27120

    OK, thanks!
    In my environment it also was card 1.
    Now its working well 🙂

    22. Februar 2017 at 13:39 #27121

    Dear NorbertB,

    You are very welcome 🙂


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