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  • 3. Februar 2016 at 12:35 #18337

    I’va troubles connecting my (Raspberry Pi-) MAX2PLAY to my hidden Wifi-SSID? The hidden Wifi is not listed (e.g. as Unknown Network etc.) if I start a Wifi scan. (By the way; connecting to a normal, visible Wifi is working great!)

    How should I connect to a hidden Wifi it the right way?

    Best regards,

    3. Februar 2016 at 14:07 #18338

    Hi Roman,
    If your router has a WPS feature, you can use this to connect your Pi. We have made small HowTo on the subject:

    3. Februar 2016 at 14:27 #18339

    Hi Heiner
    Thanks. But it seems I have no WPS feature, since my router is actually no really a router but a Wifi-to-Wifi bridge.
    Is there another way to get MAX2PLAY connected to a hidden WLAN?

    PS: Would you like to proceed in German language? 😉

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    18. Februar 2016 at 14:52 #18576

    English is our preferred language in the forums, because the whole community can benefit from the exchanges 😉
    Have you tried entering the Network SSID and the password under the WiFi/LAN menu? If your hidden WiFi bridge is accessible, you should be able to directly log in this way.

    23. Dezember 2016 at 0:19 #25185

    Same problem here, can only connect to my wireless when SSID is not hidden. This on a Pi3 with m2p version 2.39. Any idea how to solve this?


    3. Januar 2017 at 16:34 #25415

    Hi mich,
    What’s your error message when you enter the SSID and password manually?

    29. Mai 2017 at 16:31 #29101

    No error message – it just does not connect and shows the status as
    „Status: WiFi USB adapter status is active. WiFi connection status is active (IP: NO IP! No connection!)“. It works with the same setup if I just reconfigure the router to expose the SSID.

    Did you test WiFi setup with hidden SSID?

    30. Mai 2017 at 11:11 #29108

    Normally, the plugin should recognize ssid and pw if its within reach of the Pi despite being hidden. Please update to our latest version if you have not yet. The issues also just might have been due to the bridge status of the connection.

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