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  • 24. Oktober 2018 at 22:42 #40285

    I have a Raspberry Pi 3B+ running an instance of Max2Play with Squeezebox and 2 SqueezeLite players (which are synchronised).
    Playing MP3 files and audio streams work perfectly, as well as controlling Squeezebox using the OpenHab binding (where OpenHAB is run off another Raspberry Pi)
    The issue arises when I try to send a notification from OpenHab to Squeezebox, or when I try to connect a device through Bluetooth. The web interface will show that a notification or Bluetooth input is playing, however I won’t be able to hear anything.
    The OpenHAB notifications work when not played through Squeezebox, so it isn’t an issue with my MP3 files or TTS service. When playing the MP3 files straight through Squeezebox, they work perfectly.

    Another issue (which is negligible and not that important) is that using the OpenHAB Squeezebox binding won’t show a list of favourites when it is shown as a selection box in the sitemap file.

    Thanks for the help

    25. Oktober 2018 at 13:26 #41443

    Hi Josh,

    With openHAB, make sure the command you are sending is executed exactly like the URL you are given in API-examples.

    With Bluetooth, please explain your procedure. Did you pair the device already successfully? Have you installed the Squeezebox solution in the Bluetooth plugin and the separate player for individual bluetooth playback inactive?

    30. Oktober 2018 at 20:14 #41769

    Hi Heiner, thanks for the reply.

    I am using the exact commands as specified.
    I don’t think it is a command problem as
    a) The issue still happens when I select squeezebox as the default SoundSink on the PaperUI GUI
    b) All the other features of the binding work, such as the streaming URL and volumes

    The device is paired successfully using Max2Play and the „Bluetooth-Streaming in Squeezebox Server“ package is installed and set to start automatically.
    When I connect a device using Bluetooth, as I mentioned previously, the interface shows that a Bluetooth input is playing. It will not, however, actually play any sound.

    30. Oktober 2018 at 20:27 #41770

    I have another update:
    I’ve tried rebooting everything and this time the Bluetooth problem is worse.

    When I try to play some music through Bluetooth, what is currently playing will pause momentarily but then resume, ignoring the Bluetooth input.
    The same thing happens when I stop playing music through Bluetooth.


    30. Oktober 2018 at 20:33 #41771

    If there is nothing currently playing when something is played through Bluetooth, the item that was played last is repeated.
    In my case, this was an audio stream from an internet radio source which I had played earlier.

    Thanks for all the help with this issue

    5. November 2018 at 15:31 #41827

    Hi Josh,

    You can check the bluetooth stream in your Squeezebox Server webinterface. Select it and and then play and stop it to get to another stream. Does this work?

    6. November 2018 at 0:42 #41842

    Hi Heiner,
    The Bluetooth feature still doesn’t work, even if I select it manually from favourites.

    Although it will still switch to Bluetooth if my phone starts sending data, the audio source will only last 1 second or so with no noise and will then end (stopping or returning to something).

    I know that my phone can send data as using AirPlay works.


    12. November 2018 at 11:58 #41929

    Hi Josh,

    AirPlay and Bluetooth have no correlation, they both use very different technologies.

    With Bluetooth there can be many factors that can cause issues. You can try using another BT device to try to recreate the issue.

    You should also try reinstalling the Bluetooth plugin in Max2Play.

    14. November 2018 at 18:00 #42038

    Please try also removing any other devices with bluetooth and other wireless connections as this is often the reason for a faulty connection with BT.

    18. November 2018 at 21:30 #42106

    Hi Heiner,
    Thanks for your response.
    I’ve tried removing all other Bluetooth devices and resetting the Bluetooth device, but this still doesn’t work.
    I’ve also tried using other Bluetooth devices but that doesn’t work.

    Also, did you get anywhere with the OpenHab issue?


    19. November 2018 at 17:34 #42129

    Hi Josh,

    RPi prioritizes Bluetooth the least of all protocols. So if you have other stuff running on the Pi, the Bluetooth can get the small end.
    If possible, you can try deactivating built-in BT and connecting a dongle to make sure the BT isn’t faulty.

    Regarding openHAB, could you specify what exactly the issue is? I’m not sure we are the right ressource, perhaps try posting on the openHAB forums?

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