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28. Oktober 2020 at 13:36 #49950

Wow what I think. Super hard to set up if you can.

It says „Install the Cloud Connector within OpenHAB PaperUI and use Client UUID and Secret (click ‚DEBUG Info‘ at bottom of this page to reveal) to connect with a account“

Got the PaperUI and installed the Cloud Connector but don’t see how to get config it anyway.

click ‚DEBUG Info‘ I don’t see any „openHAB UUID“ or „openHAB Secret“ so you can register at

Guess you need to make a YouTube video how to set this up.

I thought it would let me say to Alexa play this song with max2play. Maybe it does if could get it set up right. Been trying for hours.

Don’t see any place can log in to your Amazon account.

Did find how to log in to Amazon account. It said something to add on to the URL of the end of the port number so I copied and paste that URL to the end of the port number. Then I could log in to my Amazon account.

The debug at the very top has the login info you need.

Need to make this easier. Have the login and Amazon account show up in the web interface I guess. Something like that.

Now it does see my Amazon devices still have to find out how to use them if I can with this openHAB and max2play.

-Raymond Day

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