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9. Juli 2020 at 10:12 #49273

Hi MarioM thank you for the response sorry I was only putting the details about using the Pi as an LMS server for information . I have used one for over nine years in this way updating the Pi versions as they became available I do not need any advice on that part of the work as I think I could set up a new unit in my sleep mainly due to Max2play being easy to use and control .

Sorry to hear you have supply problems with the 8 gb all of the UK buyers I contacted including rs components had them in stock and available not sure why your supply is difficult

I have in fact just put the already set up SD card in to the 8 gb (it was previously in a 4 gb) and it has worked seamlessly and without any issue . The speeds for a full Library scan 53,938 tracks is much quicker and the response is also instant and very smooth . So I can confirm for anyone interested that the current image works . I suspect that there may be even more speed to wrung out of this version but I will be patient until you have one to test adn see what you can do with it . Thank you for the time taken to respond .