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6. April 2020 at 12:58 #48409

Heiner sorry but this is not really acceptable . I have paid your license fee for a number of years and used your software during that period . One of the reasons for paying you a fee when there are free software options i could use is that you will be on hand to assist with problems and issues.

If this problem is complicated or difficult then fair enough please just reply to this thread and say so . If it is somehting that you are not able to fix then again fair enough place your reply here . Both of these are acceptable . What is not acceptable is you not answering or commenting at all . This is your work and you have asked users to pay for it we have done this and we at least desereve to have our questions answered even if we then do not really like those answers .

Can you please review the problem that a number of people have and respond if there is anythign you can or even we can do to get around the issue.