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4. April 2020 at 11:50 #48407

Ah well after having Max2play work well and without any of the noted issues regarding using a Raspberry pi 4 I now have the same issue as others seem to .

I have an Allo Digione that was with a Raspberry Pi 3 . This worked using the Max2play install for Allo . I was given a Raspberry Pi 4 2GB unit and decided that i would do two things replace the Digione on to the Raspberry Pi4 and order a metal case for the two .

Waiting on the metal case but have done the swap of the Pi 4 . Formatted an SD card and did a new clean install of the Beta Raspberry Pi4 download . At first install seemed to be fine but after activation it said that Max2play needed to update did this and rebooted. Went to Audioplayer page and founf that the Digione was not listed even though it showed Digione as the chosen card on the Allo page.

Tried a reboot and this time the unit just stopped no reboot and no contact with the player . Tried upplugging leaving for five minutes and then powering up but again the same result . So formetted the SD card again and did another clean install this time just loaded Max2play and left the Allo install for later . But the same thing happened again and once the upgrade was completed I changed the R Pi settings and on reboot as instructed the same just stopping working .

So loaded Picoreplayer 6.0 on the same unit and after setting it up as Allo Digione worked first time and is playing as I type this . There is a flaw in the Rpi 4 download which is preventing units being set up to use Max2play . This is a shame and it would be a good thing if this could be addressed . I enjoy this software and i like the control and GUI it offers . All of my oter players Hatamps and LMS server use the same Max2play software and work without issue . I can use the Digione as Pcp player but would much prefer to have all units working on the same software. Heiner can you please respond and advise if you are going to look at this and address the issue . If you are not able to easily fix this then it is better we all know there is the problem and we then make sensible decisions going forward.