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1. April 2020 at 6:20 #48370


I’m a big fan of M2P RPi3. Before my question, I would like to share how to cool the Pi4 to 32 degrees Celsius.

I use a heatsink and fan. The aluminium heatsink is 10mm finned and 3mm larger around the surface area of the cpu device. The epoxy glue is J-B Weld 8280 Original. The fan is a 80 mm Noctua NF-A8 5V. A 10 Ohm thermistor SG42 part# to additionally slow the fan. A jigsaw was used to cut circle out of the top and drilled some holes to mount the fan on a NESPI case. The project was 1.5 hours.

**My question for RPi4.** On my TV (RPi3 version 2.50 works fine), however for RPi4 Jivelite does not autostart after Exiting KODI. The display is flashing the M2P command prompt. Stop and then Start Jivelite displays the Jivelite GUI again until Start and Exit KODI.

I’ve tried several combinations of RPi4 versions of OS, KODI, Jivelite, and combinations of autostart for OS, Squeezelite, KODI, and Jivelite.

I’ve searched the Forum for advice but haven’t found it, but also thinking I’m the only one with this issue because somebody would have posted for support. Thanks for your support.