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30. April 2019 at 14:47 #45188

Hello three_jeeps,

usually shares on Windows machines use SMB (or CIFS). NFS is primarily intended for Linux systems. Therefore, if you intend to use NFS, please rely on the syntax given under „show help“ (left blue button). Otherwise, try switching to CIFS. In this case you’ll need to enter username and password for your share in the options field (besides „sec=ntlm“ and the SMB version).

You can find a short step-by-step-guide on this topic at our wiki.

Without an active license it always displays „not activated“. Therefore only the basic functions of Max2Play are available to you (which has no impact on your current project, if you don’t need additional plugins by now). Only with an active (premium-)license it changes to „activated“ and new functions get unlocked.

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