Mounting an External Drive

Mounting an External Drive

Please note: The mounting process is always based on your individual application of it. The parameters may vary depending on your system. Make sure you have a valid access through your local network for the network share you want to add. With devices like NAS‘ you can add a specific login and folders for the share you want to add to your device.

Attention: The SMB-version you need to define when using „cifs“ depends on the SMB-versions your NAS supports. This can vary between different manufacturers and models. Please make sure the SMB-version you want to use is supported by your NAS. You can edit the value vers=1.0 accordingly if necessary.

For Linux mounts: If the Squeezebox server should not have write access to your network share (e.g. when saving playlists), add these parameters: uid=squeezeboxserver,gid=0

UPDATE: Add these parameters for better failover (e.g. when share is not always available):  _netdev,comment=systemd.automount

Step 1:

Start your web browser and type http://max2play/ (or the hostname you have given to the particular device, respectively) into the URL bar in order to get access to the Max2Play browser interface.
Open Max2Play browser interface

Step 2:

Go to the menu item „Filesystem/Mount“.

Step 3:

In the first field, you start with two forward slashes, followed by the IP or hostname of the source device and then your shared path, e.g. // You can see all available network devices by clicking the blue button „Show Network Devices“.

Step 4:

In the second field, you enter the destination path within the Max2Play’s filesystem, where you want the network share to be attached to, e.g. /mnt/share

Important: Only use folders under /mnt/ or /media/.

Step 5:

Depending on your host device, the third field requires you to enter the type of the filesystem protocol. Mostly cifs or nfs.

Step 6:

The last field requires your login information that you set up for the share. You can copy and paste the line from the help section user=name,password=pass,sec=ntlm,iocharset=utf8 and just replace „name“ with the username and „pass“ with the password.

Important: Always enter the parameter „sec=ntlm“ in the last field. Click the „Show Help“ button to see which parameters should be entered for your mount.

Step 7:

When you have entered all your necessary parameters, click „save“ to add the new share.

Step 8:

If you want to access the folder via the Squeezebox Server, go to Settings/Basic Settings in the server web interface and enter the path (e.g. /mnt/share) after „Media folder“. Then click on apply. The server should now update the database.