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18. Mai 2018 at 15:09 #35762

thanks antonio for the forum link. i did find it.
no, i am not using the SpotifyConnect plugin. instead, i installed the SqueezeboxServer with Spotty plugin which has its own Connect option.
but as you already know, there are issues with Connect at present.
like you said, i see „max2play“ device appear and disappear.

at the moment, i have the best luck with my own android app and OrangeSqueeze.
they see „max2play“ and i can stream Spotify just fine.
strangely, at one point, i could play two separate sessions, one on max2play and another on my windows desktop!
and i do not have a family plan…

hope either Spotify, Spotty or both can straighten things out, ‚cause things are quite confusing for the user.