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18. Mai 2018 at 13:33 #35757

as far as the Filesystem mount, the web interface does not work!
even if it states that it succeeded.
i had to do the manual mount using the „sudo mount nfs“ command. afterwards, LMS had no trouble going to the NAS.

only way i have found to fix the Spotify-Connect start problem is to re-flash.
i am not absolutely certain but the problem started when i started SqueezeLite.
so now i have opted to use the Connect option of SqueezeBox Server and it is working somewhat.
strangely, Spotify (both on android and windows) does not itself see the „max2play“ device,
but my own app (on adroid using the web api) does see „max2play“.

antonio… where is the Spotty forum?
i would like to keep up with the fix, which hopefully will be soon.