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18. Mai 2018 at 13:07 #35755

Hi guys, i write to ask if somebody other has problem with Spotify Connect. I have the same problem of „gchip7groundie“, i push START CONNECT and nothing happens..just this:

error: Unrecognized option: 'onstart'
Usage: /opt/spotifyconnect/librespot [options]

-c, --cache CACHE Path to a directory where files will be cached.
Disable caching of the audio data.
-n, --name NAME Device name
--device-type DEVICE_TYPE
Displayed device type
-b, --bitrate BITRATE
Bitrate (96, 160 or 320). Defaults to 160
--onevent PROGRAM
Run PROGRAM when playback is about to begin.
-v, --verbose Enable verbose output
-u, --username USERNAME
Username to sign in with
-p, --password PASSWORD
Disable discovery mode
--backend BACKEND
Audio backend to use. Use '?' to list options
--device DEVICE Audio device to use. Use '?' to list options if using
--mixer MIXER Mixer to use
--initial-volume VOLUME
Initial volume in %, once connected (must be from 0 to
--zeroconf-port ZEROCONF_PORT
The port the internal server advertised over zeroconf
Play all tracks at the same volume
--normalisation-pregain PREGAIN
Pregain (dB) applied by volume normalisation

I reinstelld it and it doesnt work. Honestly it’s many time i dont use this Spotify Connect cause i used it on Spotty, but today i have problem even with Spotify Connect with Spotty, but in their forum they texted this:
„Important note: Spotty in Connect mode currently is broken. There seem to be changes on Spotify’s end which break librespot/spotty. The librespot team is working on it, there have been changes last night to deal with the issue. Alas, I’m currently facing issues with the LMS integration. They’re not caused by that change, but likely by a change in some other library used by the code. Hopefully I’ll have a fix, soon…“
Is this right or i m the only one to have problems with Spotify Connect on Spotty?