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9. September 2017 at 11:22 #31229

Hi Heiner,

I eventually spent some more time investigating the access point login issues I was having.
After the reboot, all wireless devices can connect normally to the access point „max2play“.
Both options available „Default3 and „nl80211“ appear to behave the same way. I have selected „nl80211“ as I have a RSP3.

So my original problem was solved by a simple reboot, as you suggested. Thanks.

Now the access point took address creating a separate network segment. However the rest of my home device are on 192.168.178.x, including other access points.
Is there a way to force the max2play AP to take an IP address 192.168.178.x (the 1 is already taken by the main router of the home)?

I believe some wireless services, like AirPrint are not supported if the devices do not share the same network …

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