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2. September 2017 at 11:27 #31083

I made short tutorial video on my youtube channel, on how to install the plugin. I did this previously also for the Volumio Spotify connect plugin so it seemed fair to have also a video to show similar functionality in Max2play. Great to see that Max2play put so much effort in bringing this functionality also to their platform!

So far I have tested the Spotify connect beta plugin on a raspberry pi zero (running Max2play Version Beta-170523) and a zero W (running Max2play Version 2.43) and have following issues:

– The intial volume when you switch to max2play Spotify connect device is at max. (I understand that this a librespot issue)
– Spotify connect devices disappearing over time, while the Spotify connect service is still running on the device. It seems that is when this
system stay idle for some time the connection with the Spotify connect server is lost. I have checked if squeezelite was active and interfering but this was not the case. Stopping and restarting the Spotify connect service via the WebUI, resolved the issue, but is inconvenient if you just want to play something using spotify.