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14. August 2017 at 18:32 #30621

Thanks for your understanding.
As I said in the post I just removed above, I have just downloaded the latest image of M2P (2.44) and I think most issues people will have with this is that it’s a bit different than previous versions. Overall a LOT better integrated and smoother ride. Qudos to the team.
My problem (now sorted) was getting my head round the create max2play AP if no network connection established within 2 mins. This is just a diagnostic tool allowing you access from phone/tablet in an emergency, to change something (like the SSID and passphrase of new location, see later 😉 ).
From reading the 10 pages of issues people have had my issues may just seem like ’nitpicking‘ but I think if I can get a couple of little things resolved then a GREAT product will be pretty much PERFECT !
I have a Pi that I take on holiday with me with two memory cards :-
1. is for Video as I use OpenELEC and Kodi (not that I have anything against your implementation I just customise it a bit)
2. is for Music and it loads a M2P LMS server and squeezelite player (why when you select USB sound card (Audioplayer – Squeezelite – Advanced Settings and selecting the USB DAC) does it require you to go to „Raspberry Settings“ and disable the onboard sound ??? (For English this SHOULD also read :- „Disable Built-In-Audio“) why is this not done for you ?
Anyway, both use the WiFi dongle on my RPi2 and work seemlessly with a custom SSID and passphrase.

Apart from the niggle above (USB SC) my suggestion for development (for other squeezelite players) would be :-
1. (nowhere to put this under „WiFi/LAN“ so put it here under Accesspoint) I used to ‚hand roll‘ my WiFi connection (i.e. editing /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf or /opt/max2play/wpa_supplicant.conf to add in a second WiFi connection). This would allow people to set up a system for two or even three locations, so that when you take a unit between them you could list out the SSID’s you have entries for (possibly withholding passphrases) and add/delete them. I’ve only just got my systems up and running again and not had time to experiment with this build, so not sure if this would just work with the current set up (again manually) but if it could be rolled into the M2P interface then BRILLIANT.
2. The „Accesspoint Setup“ with the OpenELEC/Kodi setup I just enable/disable the Accesspoint, but for M2P I have to install and uninstall :-(((. What I’d prefer is to be able to write installation locally and install from there as an option (this would allow me to switch the Accesspoint on and off without an internet connection and then it would be like turning other elements of M2P on and off (e.g. Squeezelite, LMS, File Mounts etc.
Anyway, hope you can consider these for future and/or point me at how to do it manually