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27. Dezember 2016 at 3:50 #25253

Hi guys,

Fortunately, I did not have as much problem as Alex to set up an access point :). I’m using the onboard wifi from a Raspberry Pi 3, which is in a homemade waterproof case in my garden, and should able me to send music to Bose outdoor speakers.

The Pi is cable-connected to my house, and I need to use the access point to connect my phone to the Pi (my home wifi is too far). I have set it up with the same SSID/password as the network inside my house, so that it connects automatically when I go outside.

With the default installation, I could connect to internet, but I was not able to see my local network because I was set on a different subnet. So I modified /etc/network/interfaces accordingly to what I found in this thread, and now, I have internet access, and I can browse my local network (192.168.1.x) even if I’m on a different subnet (192.168.189.x).

But I use Bubbleupnp on android to play my music inside my house, and I can’t get it to see Max2play nor my LMS Server (which is on a Synology NAS inside the house) when I am connected through the access point. I’ve tried with some other Squeeze players, like Squeezer and Squeeze Commander, and they don’t see the LMS server automatically. But if I connect manually to the server, they both works. I understand that the server may not advertise itself on other subnets.

But in Bubbleupnp, I can’t set servers and players manually. In order to get it working, my first thought was to deactivate the DHCP server on the access point, so that it use the existing DHCP from my network (which is on a Cisco router). But I didn’t manage to deactivate it and still connect to the access point.

Maybe one of you can help on that, or suggest some configuration on the access point or on my router so that the 2 subnets can successfully see each other.

I’m not good enough at networking even to know where to start looking.

Thanks in advance for your help.