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28. November 2016 at 13:12 #24286

Hi Chrischi,

I seem to have the same problem.

After access point is setup I can see max2play as a network, but only for a very short time immediately after re-booting. Sometimes I can login, but the connection only lasts briefly, and after that max2play will no longer shows up as an available network. On one occasion, and I have tried many, many times, my mobile-phone was able to stay connected to the max2play access point, login via the web interface, and control LMS via Squeezebox control for Android, so access point will work with my hardware (RPi3 and Wolfson/Cirrus card) but only ever that once.

The same problem occurs with the Apple devices we have at home. I have tried turning of our home network to see if it interferes with the max2play access point, but it makes no difference. Does anyone have any suggestions I could try?