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23. Februar 2016 at 19:27 #18678

Hi Maximilian:

To summarize and help you see, what I think the problem is. Look at the file:
and specifically the lines:

if grep -q "^[[:space:]]*iface[[:space:]]*.*[[:space:]]*inet[[:space:]]*dhcp" \
    $INTERFACES; then
        log_failure_msg "Not running $NAME because $INTERFACES"
        log_failure_msg "defines some interfaces that will use a" \
        "DHCP client"
         exit 6

If I read this correctly, it scans the /etc/network/interfaces file and aborts the script if it finds any interface that is set to request dhcp setup. I know that this is not max2play code, but it seems wrong to me, because I see no reason why a server with multiple interfaces cannot be both a DHCP server and a DHCP client. Perhaps the best fix is to comment out this test.
The fix I had implemented was NOT this, I simply modified the interfaces file to satisfy the test by assigning static IP addresses. That fix is not undone by „access point removal“ causing the issue that gapmedia refers to. So an alternate fix of commenting out the check is better, I think.

I read that your tests with an alternate dongle works. Does the /etc/init.d/dhcpcd file on the test system contain the code above? If it does then, I have no idea why it works, as DHCPD should fail to start, with the max2play standard interfaces file.